When your garden is under attack or just needs some TLC you’ll find just the right solution at SunnySide Garden and Gifts. Whether it’s bugs, disease, deer, or just some extra nutrients to keep your plants healthy you’ll find the best plant care products at our garden center. We sell only the leading brands so you can be assured of their quality.

Do you want to go green? Let us introduce you to organic alternatives in gardening and pest control products. Safer Products for instance, have been reviewed and validated by independent third parties so if you’ve been worried about using traditional pesticides let us show you a healthier alternative. Discover the best care techniques for your plants at SunnySide Garden and Gifts.

Our garden center is filled with the best quality products and since every garden starts with the right supplies, we stock all the necessities. Stop by today and let us help you select the right products for your current garden need.

Brands we stock
Jonathan Green Fertilizer
Jonathan Green Organic Fertilizer
Miracle Grow
Safer Products
Deer Scram Granular Repellant
Deer Solutions Liquid Repellent

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