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SunnySide Garden & Gifts Concrete and Pottery

You can express your personal style by accessorizing your garden or landscape with accents such as fountains, birdbaths, ornamental concrete, pots and planters.

If you’re looking to make a dramatic statement or just want to add the soothing sounds of flowing water to your landscape an easy way to accomplish it is with a fountain. From small to large, concrete to granite, SunnySide Garden and Gifts has it all. Massarelli’s, one of the leading companies in concrete products, manufactures our concrete fountains. Our frequent ordering process ensures you get a quick turnaround time on orders. We’ll not only help you make the right selection but we’ll show you the best way to maintain it throughout the year.
Massarelli’s products are made to last and actually improve with age and each and every piece is still finished by hand. you want help with installation and delivery of your fountain, just ask our knowledgeable staff for the details.

Ornamental Concrete
Garden statuary adds a unique personal design element in your garden or landscape. Whether you are looking for something classic, whimsical or devotional SunnySide Garden and Gifts has an extensive array of ornamental concrete including grottos, angels and cherubs, animals, gnomes, fairies and more. When you want to dress up your garden or landscape stop by SunnySide Garden and Gifts to find just the right piece to reflect your personality and the character of your landscape.

Pots and Planters
Container gardening means homeowners can add the beauty of plants to non-garden areas or add interest to their landscape with coordinating pots and planters. SunnySide Garden and Gifts carries an extensive assortment of pots and planters to fill all your container needs including: ceramic, concrete, plastic, porcelain, wood, Vietnamese pottery, terra cotta pots and saucers. Let us help you match your design style with pots and planters from our huge selection. Our potting service is also available for your convenience.

An easy way to attract more wild birds to your garden is by adding a birdbath. You’ll actually be able to see more birds when you install a birdbath than with just bird feeders alone because all birds love to take baths but not all birds eat the same things. At SunnySide Garden and Gifts we offer some of the finest made concrete, clay and glazed birdbaths that not only look great but also are easy to maintain. Come browse our fine collection and let us help you select one that is a perfect fit for your exterior décor.